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The enumeration contains face image quality group types for face image quality assessment.

Value Name Description
1 IMAGE_CHARACTERISTICS The Image characteristics group, includes width, height, width to height proportions, the image RGB channels number, and padding ratio.
2 HEAD_SIZE_AND_POSITIONS The Head size and position group, includes the position of the "middle point" relative to the width and height of the image, the head width to the image width and height ratio, inter-eye distance, yaw, pitch, roll.
3 FACE_QUALITY The Face image quality group, includes blur and noise levels, unnatural skin tone, and face dynamic range checks.
4 EYES_CHARACTERISTICS The Eyes characteristics group, checks eyes closure, occlusion, hair coverage, red eye effect, and whether a person is looking directly at the camera.
5 SHADOWS_AND_LIGHTNING The Shadows and lightning characteristics group, checks whether a photo is too dark or overexposed, if there are glares or shadows on the face.
6 POSE_AND_EXPRESSION The Pose and expression characteristics group, checks the shoulders pose, face expression, whether there is an open mouth or smile.
7 HEAD_OCCLUSION The Head occlusion group, includes checks of glasses, face occlusion, and head coverage.
8 BACKGROUND The Background characteristics group, checks the background uniformity, shadows on background, and other faces' presence on the picture.

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