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Migration Guide: From 6.x To 7.x

From v6.9 To v7.1


All items that were marked as deprecated by the time of release 7.1 are now removed. This applies to classes, interfaces, fields, methods, etc. If you're still using any of them, consider the current alternatives. See details below.


  • Removed deprecated methods:
    • [recognizeImage:completion:]
    • [recognizeImages:completion:]
    • [recognizeImagesWithImageInputs:completion:]
    • [recognizeData:completion:]
    • [recognizeImageFromPresenter:image:completion:]
    • [recognizeImage:cameraMode:completion:]

Use the new method recognizeWithConfig:completion: instead.

  • Instead of using the method [recognizeImage:cameraMode:completion:] with the argument cameraMode:YES, now use the new method recognizeVideoFrame:completion:
  • Removed deprecated method showScanner:completion: Use the new method showScannerFromPresenter:config:completion: instead.


  • Removed deprecated property sessionDataStatus. Use the DocumentReaderResults's property status.detailsRFID instead.


  • Removed deprecated property overallResult. Use status.overallStatus instead.


  • Removed deprecated property validity. Use RGLDocumentReaderTextField's property validityList instead.
  • Removed deprecated property comparision. Use RGLDocumentReaderTextField's property comparisonList instead.


  • Removed property reprocParams. Use RGLBackendProcessingConfig's property rfidServerSideChipVerfification instead.

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