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Document Reader SDK 4.7: Release Notes

Version 4.7.1 — March 8, 2012


  • New camera driver on modern KMDF version included
  • New 5MP camera support
  • New CI.dll library added to the package for support of devices on the new driver (only for devices on Micron S camera and newer)
  • Calibration data storage format changed for new driver interface. It is required to recalibrate the device
  • Calibration data storage format version is now explicitly stored in camera EEPROM and verified for compatibility
  • Videochip frequency divider parameter now determined automatically, depending on the PC hardware, and no need to set it from the user application (new driver only)
  • Regula Document Reader device now can be found in Forensic Devices group in Device manager
  • ACPI parameters control module changed. Now when reader connected, system might not set the processor to the C1 and C2 states, both on AC power and on batteries (Windows 7 and up)
  • Full-page document presence video detection mode improved. Now detection works even with the cover open independent of outside lighting conditions
  • All file and path names passed into functions as parameters should be in UTF8
  • Fixed issue with writing incorrect image size in image header for Image and EtalonImage elements for RPRM_Authenticity_Image_Pattern check of the RPRM_ResultType_Authenticity result type
  • Fixed issue with returning all images, not only selected in ResultTypeAvailable and CheckResult functions
  • Cognitec FaceVACS-SDK support implemented natively for face comparison (Visual<->RFID, Visual<->Ghost, Ghost<->RFID). Consolidated result provided in RPRM_ResultType_Authenticity result type in RPRM_Authenticity_Portrait_Comparison check. Provided by request, not included in SDK by default. Cognitec license required for using this
  • Document type identification optimized by speed and adapted for multipage document processing
  • New filters added for document type identification – barcode and magnetic stripe presence
  • Data storage format for document type identification has changed in templates DB. New format is not compatible with previous ones. New templates DB would work only with SDK 4.7.1 and above.
  • Data loading for document type recognition improved
  • Barcode location module now optimized to work with images from scanners, that may stretch image horizontally
  • Columbia ID card barcode format is now supported by barcode parser
  • Magnetic stripe data parser updated according to AAMVA 2012
  • ft_Address field generation from barcode data has been changed for US/CAN DL/ID
  • Face detection module optimized for speed and better detection of faces of different races
  • New MRZ filling formats added: ID1_Card_COL, ID1_EDL_USA_CAN
  • Symbols with poor probability in MRZ will be recognized again using full symbol database
  • New text field types added: ft_CCW_Until, ft_Reference_Number_Checksum, ft_Reference_Number_CheckDigit
  • When connecting the device with document inserted device will beep
  • Logging is now done in UTF8
  • All result types in XML will now contain index of the page, from which this result was received
  • RPRM_ResultType_Authenticity result type in XML format will contain images of the elements in CDATA block (encoded with Base64) and also graphic format type and size
  • Fixed issue with processing external images with incorrect resolution set


  • New driver version
  • New firmware versions for RFID reader included 5.24 & 10.08 (for different hardware versions). If you have version 5.x installed in the device, then you need to update it to 5.24. If you have 10.x installed, then you need to update it to 10.08. Update is required for correct operation with new driver
  • Device has new name in Device manager – Regula RFID Reader
  • Fixed issue in driver, when chip is answering with “wait” request, but driver drops the connection by default timeout (brute force MRZ attack protection case)
  • Chip presence detection algorithm changed, that solved the issue with repetitive detections of type A chips
  • Fixed issue with CA (version 1) for SAC with AES
  • All file and path names passed into functions as parameters should be in UTF8
  • Logging is now done in UTF8
  • RFIDTest3.exe – RSrvMngr4x dependency removed
  • RFIDTest3.exe – when “always asking for chip key” mode is enabled and BAC/PACE failed after entering the key, chip key is not requested again

Document Reader Application

  • «Save only incorrect scans» option added
  • MIFARE chip data is now displayed correctly after processing
  • All file and folder paths in UNICODE now processed correctly
  • All saved results in RecentResultFolder are now properly cleared


  • CurrentResultsFolder property added, that returns path where the last scan results were saved
  • SaveOnlyIncorrectScans property added, that enable (works together with SaveImages only) saving processing results only for documents, that raised any kind of warnings or errors during processing
  • AppendImage method added, that allow send external image into the COM server as a byte array for further processing. Light index, page index and graphical format of the image can be passed as params
  • GetReaderBitmapImageByLightIndexAndPageIndex method added, that allow to get scanned image as a byte array in .BMP graphical format with particular light index and page index
  • GetReaderEOSBitmapImageByLightIndexAndPageIndex method added, that allow to get scanned image from high resolution scanner as a byte array in .BMP graphical format with particular light index and page index
  • GetReaderFileImageByLightIndexAndPageIndex method added, that allow to get scanned image as a byte array in selected graphical format with particular light index and page index
  • PagesCount property added, that return a number of available pages with results
  • Fixed issue, that occur after COM client connect and disconnect to the COM server and after continue processing documents


  • 191 country /1744 documents included
  • 15 new documents added
  • Description extended for 129 documents


  • SDK code samples extracted into separate feature that might not be installed
  • SDK code samples folder is changed. Now they are all placed into the Regula\Samples folder by default