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Face SDK Introduction

Regula Face SDK is a cross-platform biometric verification solution for a digital identity verification process. The SDK enables convenient and reliable face capture on the client side (mobile, web, and desktop) and further processing on the client or server side.

This section introduces the Face SDK essential features: Face Detection, Face Comparison (aka Match), Face Identification (aka Search), and Liveness Assessment.

Face Detection

Use Face Detection to analyze images, recognize faces in them, and return cropped and aligned portraits of the detected people.

Face Detection includes Face Attributes Evaluation and Face Image Quality Assessment.

Face Comparison (1:1)

The Face Comparison feature is a convenient and powerful way to compare two or more portraits in the same image or in different ones and find out whether the face belongs to the same person, how similar the detected faces are.

The comparison can be performed on the client side without using a web server, see the Mobile section for details.

Face Identification (1:N)

The Face Identification module lets you match a face in an image against a database of faces. You can create and manage such a database with identities, upload photos, and associate them with names. When you show the system a photo, it can search for a match in the database.

Liveness Assessment

The Liveness Assessment module is created to check whether the biometric information source accessing the camera is a physically present live person.