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Demo Application

The Document Reader SDK Web Service instance, deployed on the Web Server, is shipped with the pre-installed demo application. This application provides the same functionality that does, but locally.


The demo app must be used for testing purposes only. It's strongly recommended to disable the demo app in production for security purposes.

To disable the demo application, use:

      enabled: false
Parameter Type Default Description
enabled boolean true Whether to enable the demo web application, available at the host root URL (for example, localhost:8080/).

Run Web Components

For capturing documents with a camera, same as on, the Web Components are used. To launch Web Components, the license is required.

When running the Docker container, no extra steps needed, as the Web Component uses the same license as the Web Service.

When running the Web Service on Windows or Linux, you need to manually place the regula.license file to the .../view/static directory. See the examples below.

C:\Program Files\Regula\Document Reader Web API\view\static\regula.license
C:\Program Files (x86)\Regula\Document Reader Web API\view\static\regula.license


Web Components work only under the HTTPS protocol.