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Enumeration contains identifiers determining the logical type of the graphic data obtained while reading document filling fields or barcodes.

Value Name Description
201 PORTRAIT Document holder photo
202 FINGERPRINT Fingerprint of document holder
203 EYE Image of the iris of document holder
204 SIGNATURE Signature of document holder
205 BAR_CODE Barcode image
206 PROOF_OF_CITIZENSHIP Image of document confirming owner citizenship
207 DOCUMENT_FRONT Cropped and rotated with perspective compensation (front side) of a document. Single input image can contain multiple document side/pages, which will be returned as separated results. Most coordinates in other types defined on that image.
208 DOCUMENT_REAR Image of the rear side of the document
209 COLOR_DYNAMIC Area with dynamic color change
210 GHOST_PORTRAIT Additional Portrait
211 STAMP Stamp
213 CONTACT_CHIP Contact chip
250 OTHER Undefined image type
300 FINGER_LEFT_THUMB Fingerprint (thumb, left hand)
301 FINGER_LEFT_INDEX Fingerprint (index, left hand)
302 FINGER_LEFT_MIDDLE Fingerprint (middle, left hand)
303 FINGER_LEFT_RING Fingerprint (ring, left hand)
304 FINGER_LEFT_LITTLE Fingerprint (little, left hand)
305 FINGER_RIGHT_THUMB Fingerprint (thumb, right hand)
306 FINGER_RIGHT_INDEX Fingerprint (index, right hand)
307 FINGER_RIGHT_MIDDLE Fingerprint (middle, right hand)
308 FINGER_RIGHT_RING Fingerprint (ring, right hand)
309 FINGER_RIGHT_LITTLE Fingerprint (little, right hand)
313 FINGER_RIGHT_FOUR_FINGERS Fingerprint (four without thumb on right hand)
314 FINGER_LEFT_FOUR_FINGERS Fingerprint (four without thumb on left hand
315 FINGER_TWO_THUMBS Fingerprint (two thumbs)