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Face Identification Module (1:N)

This module lets you match a face from an image against a database of faces. You can create and manage such a database with identities, upload photos and associate them with names. So, when you show the system a photo, it can search for a match in the database.

Module entities

  • Person. Identity with a name, a set of images and metadata. Metadata is a regular json object specified by the end app. See API docs.
  • Image. Photo of Person. You can add any number of Images to a Person and remove them at any time.
  • Group. A set of Persons. You can create any number of Groups, add or remove Persons from them at any time. By default, Person doesn't belong to any Group. Each Person can be a member of many Groups. See API docs.

You can Group photos in the database and then search by the Group you need, for example, create a Fraudsters group and look for scammers in it.

Similarity distance threshold

While searching, you can use the similarity distance threshold: The more a person in a database photo looks similar to the person who is being looked for, the lower the similarity distance will be. You can set the value for threshold via the FACEAPI_SEARCH_THRESHOLD environment variable.

In the search result, the distance similarity score is used for ranking: the lower the returned distance value, the more the face on the corresponding photo is similar to the one submitted for the search. So, if you set the maximum value of threshold in the request, even the dissimilar results will be returned with estimated similarity distance for each one.

Search time and database size

The horizontal scaling is supported, so the search time is guaranteed regardless of the size of the database and the flow of incoming requests. Just make sure to provide the computing power.