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Attributes Evaluation

To identify the status of certain parameters, for example, whether the person in the photo is wearing a medical mask, glasses, head coverage, etc., you can evaluate attributes.

The attribute assessment may be performed in two ways:

  • By the selected attributes when you add them manually in the request. In this case, the configuration is not saved and can not be automatically repeated.
  • By a processing scenario. You can use the predefined AttributesAll scenario that includes all the attributes or create a custom one.


└── attributes
    └── config
        └── name
Parameter Description
attributes If set, the selected attributes are checked.
config The configuration that defines the list of returned attributes. For each attribute, includes name.
name The name of the attribute.


The response returns the list of attributes with the estimated status for each. The list of returned parameters is defined by the set configuration.

└── attributes
    └── details
        └── name
        └── value
        └── confidence
Parameter Description
attributes The array for the checked attributes.
details Attributes assessment details.
name The name of the attribute.
value The estimated value for the attribute, see the Returned values column.
confidence The confidence in the estimated value, 1.0 is for 100% confidence.

Attributes list

Name Description Returned values
Age The estimated age range of the person. The range of years.
EyeLeft The left eye status. Occluded/closed/open.
EyeRight The right eye status. Occluded/closed/open.
Emotion The facial expression. Neutral/emotional.
Smile Whether the person smiles. Yes/no.
Glasses Whether the person wears glasses. No/sunglasses/glasses.
HeadCovering Whether there is a head coverage. No/religious/hat.
ForeheadCovering Whether the forehead is covered. Yes/no.
Mouth The mouth status. Open/closed.
MedicalMask Whether the person is wearing a medical mask. Yes/no.
Occlusion Whether the face is occluded. Occluded/no.
StrongMakeup Whether the makeup is too strong. Yes/no.
Headphones Whether the person is wearing headphones. Yes/no.