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The enumeration contains image characteristics that can be assessed during face image quality assessment.

Value Name Description
ImageWidth IMAGE_WIDTH The image width.
ImageHeight IMAGE_HEIGHT The image height.
ImageWidthToHeight IMAGE_WIDTH_TO_HEIGHT The image width to height proportion.
ImageChannelsNumber IMAGE_CHANNELS_NUMBER The image RGB channels number.
PaddingRatio PADDING_RATIO The percentage of the area of the image that was "padded" during alignment.
FaceMidPointHorizontalPosition FACE_MID_POINT_HORIZONTAL_POSITION The position of the "middle point" (the middle of the line connecting the eye centers) relative to the width of the image.
FaceMidPointVerticalPosition FACE_MID_POINT_VERTICAL_POSITION The position of the "middle point" (the middle of the line connecting the eye centers) relative to the height of the image.
HeadWidthRatio HEAD_WIDTH_RATIO The head width to the image width ratio.
HeadHeightRatio HEAD_HEIGHT_RATIO The head height to the image height ratio.
EyesDistance EYES_DISTANCE Inter-eye distance — the length of the line connecting the eye centers of the left and right eye.
Yaw YAW The yaw of the head.
Pitch PITCH The pitch of the head.
Roll ROLL The roll of the head.
BlurLevel BLUR_LEVEL The blur level.
NoiseLevel NOISE_LEVEL The noise level.
EyeRightClosed EYE_RIGHT_CLOSED Whether the right eye is closed.
EyeLeftClosed EYE_LEFT_CLOSED Whether the left eye is closed.
EyeRightOccluded EYE_RIGHT_OCCLUDED Whether the right eye is occluded.
EyeLeftOccluded EYE_LEFT_OCCLUDED Whether the left eye is occluded.
EyesRed EYES_RED Whether there is the red-eye effect.
EyeRightCoveredWithHair EYE_RIGHT_COVERED_WITH_HAIR Whether the right eye is covered with hair.
EyeLeftCoveredWithHair EYE_LEFT_COVERED_WITH_HAIR Whether the left eye is covered with hair.
OffGaze OFF_GAZE Whether the person is not looking directly at the camera.
FaceDynamicRange FACE_DYNAMIC_RANGE The range of tonal difference between the lightest light and darkest dark of an image.
UnnaturalSkinTone UNNATURAL_SKIN_TONE The true-colour representation of the skin colour.
TooDark TOO_DARK Whether the photo is too dark.
TooLight TOO_LIGHT Whether the photo is overexposed.
FaceGlare FACE_GLARE Whether there is glare on the face.
ShadowsOnFace SHADOWS_ON_FACE Whether there are shadows on the face.
DarkGlasses DARK_GLASSES Whether the person wears dark glasses.
ReflectionOnGlasses REFLECTION_ON_GLASSES Whether there are reflections on glasses.
FramesTooHeavy FRAMES_TOO_HEAVY Whether the glasses frames do not obscure eye details and the irises of both eyes are visible.
FaceOccluded FACE_OCCLUDED Whether the face is visible and not occluded.
HeadCovering HEAD_COVERING Whether there is any head coverage other than religious headwear.
BackgroundUniformity BACKGROUND_UNIFORMITY Checks uniformity of the portrait background.
ShadowsOnBackground SHADOWS_ON_BACKGROUND Whether there are shadows on the portrait background.
OtherFaces OTHER_FACES The number of faces on the photo.
ShouldersPose SHOULDERS_POSE Checks the symmetry of the shoulders, returns 1 for absolutely symmetrical shoulders.
ExpressionLevel EXPRESSION_LEVEL Checks the presence of any emotional facial expression.
MouthOpen MOUTH_OPEN Whether the mouth is open.
ForeheadCovering FOREHEAD_COVERING Whether the forehead is covered.
Smile SMILE Whether the person smiles.
StrongMakeup STRONG_MAKEUP Whether the makeup is too strong.
Headphones HEADPHONES Whether the person is wearing headphones.
MedicalMask MEDICAL_MASK Whether the person is wearing a medical mask.
BackgroundColorMatch BACKGROUND_COLOR_MATCH Whether the background color matches the required hue.
ArtFace ART_FACE Whether the face in the image is a photo, not a drawing, sculpture, cartoon, etc.
ContactLenses CONTACT_LENSES Whether the person wears contact lenses.

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