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From 6.1 to 6.2

The migration guide provides information on the changes and updates that need to be considered while transitioning your codebase of the Face SDK from one version to another.

Mobile API


1. The NotificationCallback interface has been moved to LivenessNotificationCallback. Update your code to reflect this change:


            }, object : LivenessNotificationCallback() {
                override fun onLivenessNotification(notification: LivenessNotification) {

FaceSDK.Instance().startLiveness(context, new LivenessCallback() {
            public void onLivenessCompete(@NonNull LivenessResponse response) {

        }, new LivenessNotificationCallback() {
            public void onLivenessNotification(@NonNull LivenessNotification notification) {


2. Update the package names for Person DB:

  • com.regula.facesdk.request.personDbcom.regula.facesdk.request.person
  • com.regula.facesdk.model.results.personDbcom.regula.facesdk.model.results.person


1. The processStatusDelegate property of RFSFaceSDK instance has been deprecated. Use faceCaptureDelegate or livenessDelegate to handle processing status changes instead.

2. The version property of RFSFaceSDK instance has RFSFaceSDKVersion type now.

Before release 6.2:

let version = FaceSDK.service.version

Starting from release 6.2:

let version = FaceSDK.service.version?.api