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Enumeration contains identifiers determining the possibility of performing different authenticity control procedures using the images for definite lighting schemes.

Value Name Description
1 UV_LUMINESCENCE Document luminescence check in UV light
2 IR_B900 B900 ink MRZ contrast check in IR light
4 IMAGE_PATTERN Image patterns presence/absence check (position, shape, color)
8 AXIAL_PROTECTION Confirm laminate integrity check in axial light
16 UV_FIBERS Protection fibers presence check (color, density) in UV light
32 IR_VISIBILITY Document elements visibility check in IR light
64 OCR_SECURITY_TEXT OCR for the text field in UV light comparison with other text sources check
128 IPI Invisible Personal Information (IPI) visualization
512 PHOTO_EMBED_TYPE Owner's photo embedding check (is photo printed or sticked)
1024 OVI OVI check
4096 HOLOGRAMS Hologram presence check
8192 PHOTO_AREA Owner's photo area advanced check (photo shape, size, position, etc.)
32768 PORTRAIT_COMPARISON Portrait comparison check (document printed vs chip vs live)
65536 BARCODE_FORMAT_CHECK Barcode format check (code metadata, data format, contents format, etc.)
131072 KINEGRAM Kinegram check
262144 LETTER_SCREEN LetterScreen check
524288 HOLOGRAM_DETECTION Hologram detection and validation check
1048576 FINGERPRINT_COMPARISON Fingerprint comparison check
2097152 LIVENESS Document liveness check
4194304 EXTENDED_OCR_CHECK Extended OCR Check
8388608 EXTENDED_MRZ_CHECK Extended MRZ check