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Liveness on Web Service

The Liveness verification module is created to check whether the biometric information source accessing the camera is a physically present live person. Learn more on using the Liveness module in the Mobile section. Also, liveness detection is available for web components.

Downloading Session Data

When starting, you can specify session_id which all attempts to read liveness will be bound to. If you don't specify it, the application will generate it automatically.

The calling application returns session_id and transaction_id. One session may include many transactions, and from a transaction ID it is clear which session it belongs to.

You can get the metadata (device model, screen data, frame size, app ID and version, OS version, platform, SDK version, etc.), person's selfie, and video of the liveness detection session. They will be saved on the backend at the following path:


To access liveness transaction artifacts, use the GET /api/v2/liveness?transaction_id={transaction_id} OpenAPI request: See OpenAPI documentation.